Team Fortify
Athletes 2021

We are extremely excited to support a range of Athletes for the 2021 season. From CrossFit to Weightlifting to Strongman, we have some of Australia & New Zealand's best!

Jess Coughlan

Jess joins #teamfortify for the 2021 season with a wealth of experience & success. This is her 11th @crossfit Open with consecutive top 10 finishes in Australia in the last 6 years.⁠⁠With two @crossfitgames appearances already - 2017 individual and 2019 Teams with Project X, Jess is hungry for more!⁠⁠Not only is Jess a successful CrossFit athlete, she is also a coach, a business owner & an amazing dog mum 🤍⁠

Evan Morris

Ev is not stranger to @fortify_gear, being a previous coach of ours at his affiliate @crossfit505 located on the North side of Brisbane & our brand was born out of his CrossFit box.⁠⁠With an impressive 2nd finish for Australia in last years Open and 60th worldwide, Ev has competed at many National and International events such as Dubai CrossFit Championships which is his career highlight, Down Under CrossFit Champs, Australian CrossFit Champs and @torianpro - taking out second place in 2019.⁠⁠Ev can throw around some solid tin too with an impressive C&J of 160kg and snatch of 125kg.⁠⁠Getting into CrossFit as an extra level of fitness for Rugby League, Ev shortly after completed his level 1 before getting involved in his first affiliate. As they say, the rest is history.⁠

Madeline Shelling

New Zealand's fittest woman and all round total babe! Madeline trains at +64 Fitness in Christchurch and is a weapon! She recently won the 2020 NZ nationals as well as finishing in the Top 10 at her first CrossFit Sanctions at the Australian CrossFit Championships last year. Mads has managed to do all this whilst being a PhD student showing us how to ace that student athlete life 😍⁠

We are so stoked to have you on #teamfortify Madeline!

Jake Douglas

With a massive 150kg snatch and 180kg C&J it is clear just how dominant Jake is within the sport of CrossFit and weightlifting. A phenomenal career thus far consisting of regionals, sanctional's and being selected to represent Australia as part of the National weightlifting team, Jake is a one of a kind athlete. After suffering a few knee injuries and having a couple of surgeries Jake is coming back stronger than ever and will be one you need to watch out for on the competition floor! ⁠⁠Not only is Jake a pristine athlete but he is also a coach at a CrossFit box he owns, Snake Athletic. He has realigned his focus with young families along at Snake Athletic which is a huge training facility in Tamworth and is a regular training location for rugby league players. An extraordinary athlete, coach and human we are so lucky to have you on our team!⁠

Laken Watt

Laken has been with team Fortify since 2017 and has achieved amazing results within the CrossFit realm. With 4 consecutive regional/ sanctional appearances under her belt, Laken is a well experienced and highly developed athlete. Not only that, she also placed 7th at the Australian CrossFit champs 😍⁠⁠Aside from being a phenomenal athlete, Laken is also an amazing coach and owns the 129 Health & performance gym which is currently being rebuilt. Keep your eye out this year for her on the competition floor if you want to witness some serious fitness💪⁠

Bayley Martin

Training from home, Bayley started CrossFit as a way of inducing his fitness for Soccer. This led Bayley to competing at the @crossfitgames as a Teen in 2017 finishing in an overall rank of 13th.
Bayley is a keen photographer/videographer taking inspo & making cameos in @crispydudes content. Look out for this weapon in 2021 - he is only just getting started!

Alira Verity

The strongest woman in all of Victoria, @athlete_alira is a phenomenal athlete and an even more amazing person. We have been lucky enough to have Alira on our team for a few years now and have gotten to support her through some amazing sporting achievements!⁠

Not only is Alira a incredible athlete she also is an extraordinary personal trainer and coach. Her dedication, passion and knowledge of her sport as well as the health and fitness makes her truly one of a kind♥️ ⁠

Corey Prior

At just 22 years of age Corey has already achieved some truly epic stuff! He is currently studying his Masters of Physiotherapy and is starting his full time career. Corey also trains & coaches at CrossFit 4165. Having always been active and doing sports such as triathlons, football and weightlifting it is not hard to see why Corey is such a natural athlete within CrossFit! Just recently him and his team won the AllStar Alliance online competition 🤩
Definitely keep your eye for Corey in the near future of CrossFit competitions & welcome to #teamfortify Corey 🔥

Liv Kelly

Liv is a pro at both Weightlifting and CrossFit. With a huge 200kg weightlifting total made up from a whopping 87kg snatch and an impressive 113kg Clean and Jerk, it is clear just how phenomenal Liv is😍
To make it that much more impressive she is a super mum to 3 kids! Training out of Toowoomba in Qld, you will want to keep an eye for Liv in both weightlifting and CrossFit. Thank you so much for being on #teamfortify Liv, we cant wait to see what the future has instore for this amazing lady!⁠

Corey Paparella

Corey has grown up playing football (AFL) in the winter and tennis in the summer. With two brothers, anything outside or with a ball they played. Corey found CrossFit in the end of 2018 and since have competed in two CrossFit opens and in 2020 he finished 84th in the 16-17 age group qualifier. Corey has since taken up CrossFit full time setting some huge goals for himself in the coming years! With a major goal to finish in the top 10% for the Oceania region in this years open and move through to the quarterfinals. Good luck Corey & welcome to the team!

Rob Watt

Rob is one of our newer male athlete here on Team Fortify and what an athlete he is! Coming from a rugby back ground over in New Zealand, that ended due to some nasty injuries, Rob decided to give CrossFit a go. He instantly loved the competitive side of this sport, so much so that after 2 months in this sport he was thrown in the deep end and landed on a team at regionals.⁠⁠
After this his career escalated with a few more regional events and his team ended up winning regionals which got them to the CrossFit Games. In 2018 Rob narrowly missed out on a spot in the individuals section but has since done the odd Sanctions event. ⁠⁠
Not only is he a brilliant athlete, he also is a coach at CrossFit Project Bayside and is a full time builder.

Jax Solofa

Jax is our Man Mountain weightlifter and previous Australian Masters Champion. Owner of Ipswich Weightlifting Club, Jax originally found the barbell through CrossFit. Realising his passion was for just the barbell, Jax has achieved greatness at an Australian level. More recently Jax dedicates himself to coaching his athletes as injury has set him back. Jax has been apart of Team Fortify for some years and we feel so grateful for his kind heart and experience!