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    The idea of producing knee sleeves came about during the 2015 Open. In dire straights for knee sleeves prior to 15.5 (Rowing and Thrusters), everything I looked at that was from the USA and everyone already seemed to have those designs. The idea was then set to have an Aussie company repping out knee sleeves and belts to help Lift In Style.

    From there it was a grueling 18 month process of testing samples and securing a supplier. The designs always came naturally - I wanted something that no-one else had produced! Working full time, being a mum of 2 (3 if you count the husband), training and starting a business has definitely been a journey but with the support of so many amazing people, I am starting to reap the rewards. Seeing Regional and Games athletes wearing my products has definitely made it hard to wipe the smile off my face.

    Fortify means to make something stronger, especially in order to protect it which is truly fitting for these products. The designs just make you feel all the little bit more special. So whether your a Regional athlete or a CrossFit enthusiast, we definitely have something for you.