About Us

Fortify Gear started in 2015. It was during the CrossFit Open that year that I was in dire need for some knee sleeves. I needed all the help I could get for the Rowing & Thruster workout. Everything I looked at was either from the US and cost a fortune for one sleeve or everyone already had. I wanted something different and unique and so the idea behind the brand started...

Since then FG has gone through enormous growth. We have increased our range to include belts & Men's and Ladies apparel. Even though we may have changed slightly in our product range, the core of the business in providing only quality products with epic customer service stays the same. I am dedicated to this brand, it's like a 3rd child of mine now!

Fortify means to make something stronger, especially in order to protect it which is truly fitting for these products. The designs just make you feel all the little bit more special and knowing that they are mostly released in limited runs and some are made from recycled products. So whether you CrossFit, F45, PLC or Gym it, we definitely have something for you.


April xo