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    Knee Sleeves

    What do knee sleeves do & why do I need them?

    We asked Todd a Physiotherapist from Scarborough Physio and Health to explain the benefits of our knee sleeves -

    'A very common injury we see in physio clinic from Weightlifters and CrossFitters is knee pain. This is due to the high loads and stresses placed on their knees. The Fortify Gear knee sleeves not only offer a structural support to help track your knee correctly and maintain good patellofemoral alignment but it also provides proprioceptive (joint awareness) support. This support provides the lifter with tactile feedback without restricting their movement, enabling full range controlled squats and lunges. I recommend all my patients who are looking into or currently undertaking Weightlifting or CrossFit to wear the Fortify Gear knee sleeve even as a preventative measure for their knees.'

    The best way to put on your knee sleeves - check out the video here.

    See below for our range of 5mm & 7mm knee sleeves.

    Our 5mm are the perfect metcon sleeve where as our 7mm are the perfect weightlifting sleeve.

    Sold in pairs. Shipping from $8.50 in Australia. AfterPay available.