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    Welcome to the team

    Welcome to the Team - Jake Douglas

    Welcome to the Team - Jake Douglas

    JAKE DOUGLAS is exactly what you'd expect the 2017 Wodapalooza International Cup division winner to be.

    The CrossFit Pacific Region's current 22nd fittest man is a beast with a barbell in his hands and leaves nothing on the competition floor and is never afraid to get 'into the grind'.

    But more importantly he is humble, quick to show his opponents the respect they deserve, a proud father/parent and a passionate CrossFit coach.

    The exact type of person Fortify Gear is excited to welcome to its 'athlete family'.

    Jake joins the team after a breakout 2018 Open and Pacific Regionals campaign.

    The 27 year old, who qualified for the Pacific Regionals after placing 35th overall in the region, recorded three top finishes 15 finishes in Sydney - his best result a fourth place in Event 4.

    'Regionals was so much more that I had expected on so many levels,' Jake said.

    'I learned a lot and realises that every second counts. There could be 20 places in 30 seconds and everyone is fit as f**k so you need to show up for every single workout.

    I have a bunch of respect for anyone in the sport. Competing is so different to anything I have ever done.

    'It takes serious commitment and dedication to be at the top of this game.'

    Picking up CrossFit ten year ago Jake has been seriously competing for the past three having given away rugby to focus on his CrossFit dreams.

    'An old school teacher introduced me to it (CrossFit) about 10 years ago. We would do Fight Gone Bad or a variation of it every Friday. I love CrossFit's variety and it is always a challenge.'

    Jake hasn't ruled out a return to the rugby field though.

    'I've had a few years off rugby to focus on my business and competing in CrossFit,' he said.

    'The Open and Regionals were always in (rugby) season so it make it hard to do both well. But now with the changes it could be a good opportunity to strap the boots back on and use this fitness.'

    Those changes ahead of the 2019 CrossFit Games include the introduction of the 'sanctioned events' which will serve as Games qualifiers.

    One of those sanctioned events is Wodapalooza which is held in Miami, USA every year, an event Jake is more than familiar with.

    'Wodapalooza was awesome. It was my first international competition. I flew in the day before, got the win and flew out the day after. I loved it.'

    Despite the magnitude of the even Jake said his focus remained simple.

    'I treat every workout the same. Any competitor can dust you in their wheelhouse workout so every event I do I try to attack. CrossFit is about being a well-rounded athlete. The elite guys are mostly just that - more well-rounded.'

    Off the competition floor and outside of the box, Jake loves spending time with his young daughter and partner.

    'I love the beach, contact sports and hanging out with my family. My family is a big part of my motivation - I really want to make them proud.

    'Being happy and laid back is my key to performing well. I don't think about much. I don't have any superstitions or rituals. I just go out there and enjoy it all and have fun. You make your own luck.'


    Snatch of Clean and Jerk? Snatch

    Deadlift or Back squat? Back squat

    Handstands or Muscle-ups? Muscle-ups


    Favourite benchmark WOD? Fran or Jackie

    Favourite hero WOD? DT or Murph

    CrossFitters you'd most like to team up with? Josh Bridges or Dan Bailey - they just look like fun guys.

    Welcome again Jake, we look forward to you ripping up the competition floor at this years Torain Pro.

    Jason - the geek who lifts